5 Symptoms of a Sick or Dead Tree

There will come a time that a tree’s life will deteriorate. It’s because of either natural sickness or disease caused by pests. No matter what, trees that are decaying are unsightly and at the same time dangerous. You will never know when its limbs start to fall and damage landscaping and structures. During bad weather conditions, a toppled tree can crash through cars and homes and will cause deaths or injuries.  

 Dead Tree


As a homeowner, you have the responsibility to avoid all of these. Aside from constant maintenance of the tree like pruning or trimming, you should also inspect a tree of signs and symptoms that suggest it is dying.  The best solution to this is to look for the symptoms the expert recommend like issues with branches, root system, leaves, bark and trunk. If you don’t know what to look for, you can ask Spokane tree service for assistance.  

  • Branch Symptoms

Falling branches are symptoms of a dead or dying tree. Yes, bad weather like storms can snap off tree’s branches even though the tree is healthy but you would know it’s a dying tree when the branches it drops off are leafless and bare. If this happens to your trees on your backyard, inspect closely because you might see insect damage or rot. Branches that also lack bark or hand low also signifies that the tree is dying.  

  1. Root System  

The life of your tree could be at risked if its root systems are constantly damaged by vehicles, waterlogged or even cut by lawnmowers. How to know if it’s dead or dying? Look for symptoms of sogginess like wood ears or fungus. If the ground is heaved up or the roots are severed, then the tree is in a bad condition.  

  • Leaf Symptoms

This is probably one of the first things you will notice. A sick tree has an excessive drop of leaves. However you should be aware that deciduous trees drop leaves based on their natural cycle no matter how many those leaves are. But, a tree that loses a lot of leaves during summer of spring is a sick tree. It’s also another symptom when shriveled and discolored leaves are still attached especially before autumn. Beware also f the holes and spots to leaves, and even deformed or odd colored leaves because these are also signs of a decaying tree.  

  • Bark Symptom

A healthy tree has pliable and soft bark whole a sick tree has brittle and flaking bark. A sick tree can also have bald spots over it.  

  • Trunk Symptoms

Another symptom of a dead or dying tree is rot spaces neat the trunk’s base. An owl hole which we typically see in some trees is also bad symptoms for the health of a tree. Cavities, swelling, small holes and decaying wood are another signs of a decayed tree.  

We know that death is inevitable on any kinds of creature. A tree’s life last really long but there will come a time that it needs to be taken down for the safety of everyone.

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