3 Ways to Remove a Tree Stump

Trees die or gets sick, and when they do, we have to remove them so they won’t fall off and cause accidents. Tree removal is a complicated project, but if you have the needed equipment and manpower, it’s a job you can do easily. However, cutting down the tree means you also have to worry about its stump.  

Tree Stump

Not everyone is interested in removing the stump, it’s because probably he doesn’t know such methods to apply or he just doesn’t care about the stump anymore. But if you’re going to use the land for other purposes, Stump Grinding Melbourne is really necessary. In this article, we’ll teach you the 4 ways you can do to remove a tree stump.  

Removing by Hand 

Not everyone is aware that you can do this in DIY approach, but those who are aware are not doing it right. If you’re dealing with an old or diseased tree, or even a small one, it would be easier to remove the stump by yourself. The equipment and tools you need are: pick mattock, chainsaw, digging bar, shovel, chain and four-wheel-drive truck.  

First, remove the lower trunk’s lower branches using a chainsaw. Next, remove the top portion but not everything. Reveal the roots around the stump, use a pick mattock, shovel and digging bar for this. Use a power washer to reveal more roots and rinse the dirt away. Get the ax and cut the major roots. Push the trunk and cut the other revealed roots. Continue pulling and pushing the trunk until it’s uprooted.  

Removing by Chemicals or Stump Killers 

Most of the time, the stump is not removed by doing the first method. Manual labor for care housekeeper isn’t enough, because you’d still see the remains of the stump lying around. You can try the chemical way and make it easy for you. In this method, you will use kerosene or fuel oil, potassium nitrate, ax, chainsaw and drill.  

First, use a chainsaw and cur off as much stump as you can. Get the drill and drill holes around the stump. The holes should be 8 inches or more deep. Drill more holes around the stump’s sides. Pour the holes with potassium nitrate. Next, pour water. Wait for a month until it’s spongy. Break the spongy stump with the ax.  

If you want the stump to be completely gone, saturate it with kerosene and wait for one week. Ignite the stump until it’s gone.  

Removing by Rotting the Stump 

Another method you can do to remove the stump is rot it. The tools you need in this method are nitrogen substance and drill. First, drill holes into the dump. Get the nitrogen substance and pour it into the holes. Next, pour the holes with water. As the stump softens gradually, chip it off into pieces. Get some dirt and fill them into the holes.  

The methods we mentioned here will work effectively depending on the stump you have. Working on a big stump will require more effort or manpower.  

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